Maurice Lemaître and his group regularly organize artistic and political exhibitions, demonstrations parties.

He was once Chief Editor of Paris-Théâtre, a magazine which deeply influenced the new drama. In 1961, in the Conservatoire National d'Art Dramatique de Paris, he created Théâtre Neuf, a dramatic society which he has been running ever since. Théâtre Neuf aims at rediscovering unrecognized talents of die past and promoting a new drama.

He was one of the first to launch theatre workshops which gave its chance to a new generation of comedians and dramatists, and helped young film-makers make their works known by creating cinema workshops, paving the way for those avantgarde film cooperatives. He is very much involved in supporting their flourishing activities.

The different dramatic works of Maurice Lemaltre were performed in various places and at the Biennial of Paris, in particular those integrating the audience, a new device he was one of the first to introduce.

He wrote more than forty books and published numerous pamphlets, articles, magazines, handouts. He also published a new review, along with Lettrism, La Revue d'Histoire du Cin6ma, L'Avant-Garde/Arts Plastiques, L'Avant-Garde Audiovisuelle, Le Bonheur Mental .... which came after Front de, la Jeunesse, Ur, L'Art du Cinéma, Cinema Marginal, la Revue de Psychokladologie et de Psychothéie , Ecritures, Poésie Nouvelle, Le Cinéma même, Culture et Vie, etc...

As a P.H.D, he gave lectures on painting and experimental cinema in the Sorbonne. He is currently President of the University Léonardo da Vinci. He also runs the Consulting-Psychological Institute he has founded.

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